Changing the Clock in Your Toyota is the Easiest Part of Daylight Savings

With March arriving soon and bringing with it the dreaded Daylight Savings Time, drivers throughout the Bellevue and Omaha areas will find themselves able to enjoy an hour less of sleep, as well as the longer days that come with this change. One of the worst aspects of daylight savings is the realization that the clock in your car didn't automatically update, and so you'll have to change the clock yourself. Below, you'll see a great and informative video on the steps to take to change the clock via the Entune System found in many new Toyota models.

The tech found throughout the interior of any new Toyota model makes for some of the most satisfying conveniences while on the roads, or simply trying to change the clock. Thanks to the video above you'll be able to effortlessly update the clock once daylight savings hits, and then there will be one less concern that you'll have.

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