Preparing Your Car Battery for Winter

When it comes to preparing for the winter season, drivers throughout the Bellevue and Omaha, NE areas know that their battery is one of the parts most effected by freezing temperatures. And in fact, if your battery is largely discharged when the temperature hits the point of freezing, you may wind up unable to start the vehicle the next morning, which in turn can make you late for work, or generally set back your whole day. For this reason, ensuring the health and charge of your battery is a must, and Corwin Toyota of Bellevue is here to help you ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the winter season.

If your car is sluggish to start already, it could be a result of your battery, so schedule an appointment to come and have our auto service experts test its charge, and ensure that it's ready for the frigid months ahead. If it falls short, we can set you up with a brand new battery, which will certainly provide the power your vehicle needs to get through the winter. Of course, if you have a battery charger at home, you should have no trouble testing and charging your battery before coming in to our location. Cleaning off corrosion from the battery as well as applying dielectric grease to prevent the buildup of more corrosion will help to keep your battery functioning properly.

To learn more about ways to keep your battery operating at its best, come and see our team at Corwin Toyota of Bellevue. Our auto service experts will review DIY tips for battery care, and can review your current battery to ensure that it is ready for the challenge of frigid temperatures in the months ahead. In no time you'll be taking on the adventures of your future with unrivaled confidence in your vehicle, and the battery at its core.