Preparing Your Brakes for Winter

Throughout the Omaha and Bellevue areas, drivers are finding the arrival of winter to be a welcome but trying time of year. While there are many advantages, the challenges posed by icy roads and freezing temperatures pose significant threats to drivers, so ensuring that your vehicle is ready for winter is a must. Since brakes play one of the most vital roles in the performance of your vehicle and safety of the passengers, ensuring that your brakes are ready for the challenges of the winter season is incredibly important. Here at Corwin Toyota of Bellevue, we're proud to help drivers prepare for all the challenges of the winter season and beyond.

With the help of our service experts, we'll make sure your vehicle is ready for the difficulties posed by icy roads. Since coming to a stop is significantly more difficult on icy and snowy roads, having brakes that are in good condition is a must, as is knowing to apply the brakes earlier than you would in the summer or in clear driving conditions. Some of the ways that you can ensure a safe time on the roads, and which will help to extend the life of your brakes, include these following tips:

  • Never slam on your brakes in winter, unless absolutely necessary, as ice will interfere with your ability to stop immediately and you will likely slide.
  • Tailgating is generally inadvisable, as the dangers of ice might prevent you from stopping as early as necessary.
  • Accelerating slowly is a must, as it will make a need for braking more manageable than if you promptly accelerate to significant speeds.

The importance of your brakes cannot be overstated, so ensure that your brakes are ready for the challenges of winter by coming to Corwin Toyota of Bellevue and consulting with our auto service experts. We'll have our team take a look at your Toyota, and can offer our services for replacing your brakes if the need arises. We'll make sure that you're ready for a safer winter throughout the areas of Bellevue, Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Papillion, La Vista, and wherever else the roads may lead.