Preparing Your Radiator for Winter

1. Check for cracks

2. Check the coolant/antifreeze level and change if needed

With the winter season upon us and temperatures swiftly dropping, many drivers throughout the areas of Omaha, Bellevue, Lincoln, and beyond are finding themselves readying for the challenges of driving in the winter. With icy roads, limited visibility, and more factors working against you than in favor, the winter requires more attention to your vehicle and its systems to properly ensure safe travels in Papillion, Council Bluffs, La Vista, and beyond. One part of the vehicle that drivers may not think to visually inspect, is the radiator, although it serves an incredibly important purpose.

With extra stress on the radiator and the coolant serving an important role, Corwin Toyota of Bellevue wants to help you prepare your Toyota for the challenges posed by winter weather. With the frigid temperatures, there is a chance that ice can build up within the radiator and in the lines of the vehicle. Without a proper coolant mixture, this can happen and can cause noticeable damage. With the buildup of ice in the radiator comes the increased chance of a crack appearing, which will then cause rapid loss of water through the crack, creating a threat to the vehicle on long drives. If ice builds up in the lines, it can lead to transmission failure, which can be truly devastating for any vehicle.

The best way to ensure that the radiator of your vehicle is ready for the challenges of winter, is to visually inspect it for cracks on the exterior. Monitoring the fluid within is made difficult, so if you'd like to have a team of experts check your coolant and ensure that it is ready for winter, you can come and see the service team at Corwin Toyota of Bellevue, where we'll take the time to go over your Toyota and ensure that it is properly winterized. In no time at all we'll have you ready to take on the challenges during this winter and the many seasons to come.