Preparing Your Wiper Blades for Winter

1. Turn your wipers upside down to see if the rubber is leaning. It should be centered.

2. Consider investing in wipers that are arched (instead of straight with hinges that allow it to curve).

3. Make sure the windshield washer fluid is rated to -20 degrees so it won't freeze in sub 32 degree weather.

With winter here, drivers throughout Omaha, Bellevue, and beyond are likely finding themselves preparing for the difficulty of winter driving. One thing that becomes much more limited by winter weather is the vision that we have from behind the wheel. This can be compounded by a dirty windshield, and if your windshield wiper blades haven't been changed in a while, they can make a difficult situation much worse. This is why it is important to ensure that you're using new wiper blades as winter arrives.

With a set of new blades, drivers throughout Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Papillion, La Vista, and beyond will find that seeing their surroundings is made easier, and they'll be less likely to continually need to clean the windshield. If you use wiper blades to remove ice from the windshield they will wear down noticeably faster, so utilizing your defroster and pulling the wipers up at night so they don't freeze to the windshield is an important step to take. What's more, windshield wiper blades are incredibly easy to install on your own, so you won't need to worry about arranging an appointment with our auto service experts unless you feel it is necessary.

If you're going to replace the blades on your own follow these simple steps:

  • Get exact measurements to know which size wiper blades you'll need.
  • Raise wiper arm away from the windshield
  • Lay a towel under the arm, just in case it snaps back down you'll avoid damage to your windshield.
  • Where the blade meets the arm should be a stopper holding the blade in place, press this and unhook the blade.
  • Slide the refill in where you pulled the old blade out, gently pivoting the new wiper until it hooks into place securely.
  • Lay the wiper back against the windshield and repeat for the second wiper.

If you know or suspect that your vehicle is in need of new wiper blades, come and see us at Corwin Toyota of Bellevue where we'll help you get a new set of wiper blades at a great deal, and can even help with installation if you'd like. In no time you'll be adventuring in the falling snow with unparalleled confidence.